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Aggression is not defence.
Our armed forces are trained and equipped to attack other countries across the globe.  They are not focused on defending our country.

Since 2001 we have attacked Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria.

Our nuclear weapons are prepared to execute first strike attacks.  They are not an independent deterrent fully controlled by the UK government.

We maintain military bases in 14 countries and have military personnel deployed in over 80 countries around the world.

This is not a defence policy.  This is a war policy that has poorly served us and the world in the 21st Century.

It doesn’t have to be like this.
Declaring the UK as permanently neutral will redefine the limits of our defence policy, confining our armed forces to the defence of our territory and respecting the sovereignty of other nations.

Austria, Finland, Ireland, Liechtenstein, Malta, Serbia, Sweden and Switzerland all claim some form of neutrality.

As a permanently neutral country the UK will:
1. Protect the territory of the UK.
2. Develop an independent defence policy.
3. Expel foreign military personnel from the UK.
4. Withdraw from treaties that would involve us in a future war.
5. Not attack other countries or enter into wars between them.

  1. Protect the territory of the UK.
    We have troops in over 80 countries and permanent bases in 14, supporting non-democratic and vicious regimes around the world. Protecting our territory will be the only purpose of our armed forces. This does raise the question of what British territory is.
  2. Develop an independent defence policy.
    As a neutral country protecting the resources, environment and residents of the UK will be the priority of our defence policy. There will be an end to the influence of foreign powers, specifically the USA, NATO and the EU over UK defence policy. Our nuclear weapons are dependent on the USA. This is not consistent with neutrality.  All our military capability will be controlled by the UK with no reliance on any other country.
  3. Expel foreign military and intelligence personnel from the UK.
    The 10,000 US troops based here will leave and the five US military bases will be taken back ending an occupation that began in 1942. This includes the secret listening posts such as those at Menwith Hill and Bude. Our armed forces will return to the UK and we will close all of our foreign bases.
  4. Withdraw from treaties that would involve us in a future war.
    We will withdraw from NATO, the Common Security and Defence Policy of the EU and any other treaty which would oblige the UK to go to war.
  5. Not attack other countries or enter into wars between them.
    The wars fought in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Syria have been disastrous.

Benefits of neutrality:
Monetary – we will save billions that can be spent on other priorities.

Reputation / Status – we will work to become an honest broker to help other countries overcome their differences through discussion and not war

Defining a new role for a post Brexit UK

Outline strategy:

  1. To campaign for democratic control of defence policy.
  2. To campaign for a referendum on neutrality.

How to get involved:

  1. Sign up on the website neutralcountry.uk
  2. Carry and distribute Neutral Country Leaflets
  3. Spread the word online and in person.
  4. Wear the Neutral Country logo.
  5. Write a letter to your MP or visit them. If they object to neutrality then ask for them to clearly state why.

This is the website of the campaign for the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland to become a permanently neutral country.

The campaign and this website are still in development with a view to launch in November 2018.

Feedback is encouraged to help us develop the campaign.